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Chateau + Manoir
4 Bed + S/C Studio
Beach 200 Metres
Morbihan Manoir
Give me an Ooh-la-lah!
Merdrignac Area Magnificent 9 bedroomed Chateau + 4 bed Manoir set within its beautiful 4+ acre park
Cotes d'Armor
A 9 Bedroomed Chateau PLUS a 4 Bed Manoir! Yes... on 4 Acres of Parkland • Price Adjusted... BARGAIN!
Price WAS: 514,500 Euros
Price NOW
493,000 Euros!! Plus Notaire's Fees
Handsome Morbihan House 4 Bed House + 1 Bed S/C Studio in Malestroit, Morbihan
Townhouse with Adjacent. Self Contained 1 Bed Studio... an easy walk to the centre of Mediaeval Town Centre and its amenities...
257,000 Euros +
Notaire's Legal Fees
Mill with 5 AcresPlougasnou, Finistere,2/3 bedroomed mill with 5 acres and 200 metres from the beach!!
Plougasnou, Finistere
16th Century Renovated Mill An Architect Renovation. You should definitely have a look at this - It's brilliant... and right by the sea!!
Price 298,000 Euros Plus Notaire's Fees
Central BrittanyNr Guemene sur Scorff 56160		3 bedroomed manor with enclosed park
3 Bed 16thC Manor House + Many Original Features... Beams fireplaces and plenty of Baronial Bits & Pieces... A proper Coup de Coeur - Excellent!
Price 352,500 Euros Plus Notaire's Fees
4 Bed Manoir
Bargain... Haven
Great Price Drop
Don't miss this!
In Open Countryside Yvignac la Tour 22350 	Stunning 4 bed old Templars residence with 1525m2 garden
2 Bed House 1 Bed Flat Nr Pont Melvez, 2 Bedroomed House + 1 Bed Apartment/Office, Lake with River Frontage.
Plouigneau, Finistere Plouigneau, Finistere, Charming old 3 bedroomed farm on 1000m2 garden
3 Houses on 13 HectaresMonts d'Arree Ensemble of 3 houses (5 beds total), outbuildings  + 13 hectares + 2 woods!

The Nucleus of this house is 12th Century...Beautifully Renovated..4 Bedroomed House with 1,525m2 garden .
Price WAS: 493,500 Euros
440,000 Euros + Fees

1.5 Hectares with Lake and River Frontage... Wildlife
abounds... Can you afford NOT to take a look at this one? Rare Opportunity...
Price JUST 96,300 Euros
Plus Notaire's Fees

Charming 3 Bedroomed House on 1,000m2 land.
Renovated in 1985. A great deal of charm.
Price WAS 231,000 Euros Price NOW 166,000 Euros Plus Notaire's Fees

Monts d'Aree, Finistere. an Ensemble of 3 properties with 13 Hectares. You... Grandma and the kids! Why Not?
Price WAS 438,000 Euros Price NOW 418,600 Euros Plus Notaire's Fees

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Looking for a house in Brittany or Normandy?
Welcome to our shop window...We have approximately 1500 properties across our two areas of operation - Brittany & Normandy. So you'll be making the right move if you look here first for Brittany and Normandy. Enough properties to allow you to choose, if not the house, then properties similar in price & type to your ideal goal and we can do some searching for you from amongst our contacts.

Trading as A House in Brittany Ltd and A House in Normandy, we are a totally independent introduction agency, working with 25s associate immobilieres across both regions who have more on their own books than are displayed here. Our service costs you nothing extra. In fact, personally, I wouldn't part with a penny to a UK (or French for that matter) based introduction agency...We receive our payment from the selling agent, by way of commission - but only after you have signed the final documentation...when the house you are looking for is yours and the keys are in your hand. At that point our agent will make sure that all of your services (those that can be) are organised to your satisfaction....No extra charges

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Real Estate Agents
Real Estate Agents

From East to West our current working areas are:

Lisieux in Normandy, serving the area around Deauville, Honfleur, Pont-l'Eveque (best Ferry ports Caen, Le Havre, Dieppe).

Orbec in Normandy, serving the area around Broglie, Bernay, Livarot, Vimoutiers Thiberville (best Ferry ports Caen, Le Havre, Dieppe).

Vire in SE Normandy, serving the area around Vire, St Sever, Calvados, Swiss Normandy, Bocage Virois, Villedieu (best Ferry ports Caen, St Malo).

Mortain in Normandy, serving the area around Domfront, Sourdeval, St Hilaire de Harcouet, Juvigny le Tertre (best Ferry ports Caen, Le Havre, Dieppe).

Fougere in Il et Villaine, serving the area around Mayenne, Laval, Comburg, Ernée, Vitré, St James, St Hilaire du Harcouet, Pontorson (best Ferry ports St Malo, Caen...airport Dinard).

Le Mans in the Sarthe, serving the area around Le Mans, Montoire sur le Loir, Chateau du Loir, La Ferté Bernard, Sillé le Guillaume (best Ferry ports Caen, Le Havre, Dieppe).

Dinan, serving the Cotes d'Armor area around Dinan, Dinard, Dol de-Bretagne, Caulnes (best Ferry ports St Malo...airport Dinard).

Merdrignac, serving the Cotes d'Armor area around the north coast, Jugon le Lac, Broons, Merdrignac, St Meen le Grand, Moncontour, St Brieuc (best Ferry ports St Malo...airport Dinard, Rennes).

Loudeac, serving the Cotes d'Armor area around Loudeac, Trinite Porhoet, Plemet, Plessala, Laurenen, Mur de Bretagne etc., (best Ferry ports St Malo...airport Dinard).

Locminé, serving the Morbihan area around Josselin, Rohan, Pontivy, Guémené sur Scorf, Pontivy, Vannes (best Ferry ports St Malo...airport Dinard).

Malestroit, serving the Morbihan, the south coast and an area around Ploermel, Questembert, Rochéfort en-Terre, la Gacilly, Péaule, Béganne, La Roche Bernard (best Ferry ports St Malo...airport Dinard, Rennes).

Baud, serving the Morbihan area around Auray, Lorient, Plouay, Hennebont (best Ferry ports St Malo, Roscoff...airport Lorient, Dinard, Rennes).

Morlaix, serving the Finistere, the north coast and an area around Guingamp, Lannion, Morlaix, Carhaix-Plouguer, Chateulin (best Ferry ports St Malo, Roscoff...airport, Brest, Lorient, Dinard, Rennes).

All in all there are not many areas that are not covered by our agents.

Our details do not constitute any part of an offer or contract and, although we take every care to make sure that details are factual & correct, we accept no responsibility as to their accuracy. Always pleased to hear of assumed & probable errors and/or anomalies